A short list of spare parts and units which can be manufactured

by Energoremont:


•Utility and water-heating boilers walls of pipes 51-89 mm in diameter.
•The equipment for the peat processing enterprises.
•Convection banks of steam boilers.
•Pipe-bending works of pipes 28-108 mm in diameter.
•Chambers (collectors) of heating surfaces working under pressure.
•Distribution headers, suspenders, plates, fasteners for heating surfaces.
•Chamber bottoms.
•Direct-contact spray desuperheaters working under pressure.
•Tube banks for overheating adjusters.
•Oil-gas burners and their parts.
•Nozzles and their parts.
•Valve gates and welded construction valves, gates.
•Gas ducts and air duct conduits (round and rectangular).
•Expansion bellows.
•Feed-water preheater parts.
•Parts and members of bearing support bearings and suspenders for gas pipelines,   gas ducts, high- voltage wires.
•Bearing parts, suspenders, loose straps for pipe ducts.
•Assembly units and parts for shot cleaning.
•Fire-extinguishing equipment parts.
•Bricking-up fasteners, brackets.
•Locks, explosive valves.
•Drive gears for mechanical valves, valve gates and burners.
•Skids and mechanism drive frames.
•Vessels and devices of different application working under pressure.
•Expansion glands: from 100 ID to 800 ID.
•Measuring diaphragms, including being as part of chambers and flanges.
•Tooth and riffle sealing: ID to 150 - 450, OD to 200 – 500.
•Spacing and sealing rings.
•Joint and pin couplings, half-couplings.
•Ejectors and nozzles, diffusers for them.
•Rollers, axles, steel taps, shafts.
•Flat flanges.
•Reducers, couplings, blocks, sleeves.
•Metalwork and applications for power supply network enterprises.
•Restoration of smoke exhauster shafts.
•Turning of parts up to 1000 mm in diameter and up to 8000 mm long.



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